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Most recent paintings 2018-2017

Over all schilderijen

Hier kun je alle schilderijen zien die ik door de jaren heen gemaakt heb. Zoals je kan zien ben ik door zo veel processen en stadia gegaan dat ik even een stapje achteruit moest doen en relaxen. Maar binnenkort kun je genieten van mijn nieuwste en een van mijn beste schilderijen ooit:”Ik had je toch verteld dat ik net als Shakespeare”

About all paintings

Here you can view all of my paintings throughout the years. As you can see I have gone through so many stages in the last few years that I needed to step back and relax for a moment. But soon you can enjoy probably one of my best paintings ever with the title “I told you that I am just like Shakespeare”.

Food of the gods

We always come home to the heart of things

I am not a sailor, I am a captain

(Part of) we always come home to the heart of things

Samson and Delilah

I Love you Satan

I Love you Satan

We heal together

We heal together

0=1: I am (not complete without you)

0=1: I am (not complete without you)


The sister of margot: anne frank

The sister of margot: anne frank

Forget me not

Forget me not

I love you Satan

Divine lamb

Leave room for miracles to happen

Leave room for miracles to happen

The golden spring of the solar plexus

to cancel death

Law of attraction

Law of attraction


Sapphire | Queen Maxima of the netherlands

Alexander (King of the Netherlands)

Alexander (King of the Netherlands)

Praying for more apples

Journey into Sacred place

Journey into Sacred place

Till the end or forever


Higgs & Beyond

Higgs & Beyond

Finding something magical to wear

Christmas and his son

Phoenix Marie Antoinette


Awarded by the public


Willem of Orange | Wilhelmus van Nassau

Max (Queen Maxima)

Pink Indian

Margot Frank

Blast from the past

Poptrait of dove

The ghost of Salvador Dali

What nature tells you

Fortune (Fortuyn)


Coming to terms with past lives

U.F.O. Beatrix


The skull of van gogh

The tulip

THe door to door sex salesman

Veritas lux mea

The shephard

Holding hands

Lorca: Ballad of the moon

African dream


Genesis II


Holding back the waves of infinity

You have so many different faces

White womb

Roman princess (Maxima)

we are luminous eggs

Liechtenstein’s geisha

A little bit of history

Bedroom fantasies

Releasing all evil

Bringers of Soul

adriaa and her Butterflies

Black van gogh

Number 33: THe master healer



Healing with white light

Farming the landscape in 2074

Aurora australis

Monsanto cows

Soul contract


Genetically modifying what can be modified genetically